Better weather prevents delays

Building a home in Christchurch is a popular option for growing families, and increasingly, for first home buyers. With the growth of satellite towns in the broader Christchurch areas, such as Rolleston and Rangiora, it’s worth noting that even Ohoka is emerging as a promising location with a notable surge in development. As more people plan to build, getting your building timeline underway can become difficult.

Many buyers wait until the fair weather to start planning their house and land package, and do not consider that by signing the contract and making the decisions in summer – their build may not be underway for several months as paperwork, consent, titles, and other foundational parts of the build process push out the actual construction.

Signing a build contract in winter is the best way to ensure your build is set in summer. With weather a major factor in build timelines, a summer build means you are likely to prevent delays due to water damage, or unfavourable building conditions.

It is also worth considering that builds can be faster over summer when timber moisture levels are low. This will not only save you time, but also money. Concrete and other heat-sensitive materials will also cure faster in summer, and as everyone who has built a home before will know… every day counts!

Many building companies have better access to materials and casual labour in the summer months, as shipping and freight does not suffer from as many delays. University students provide excellent casual labour over summer, which means more experienced labourers are available for bigger projects such as builds.

During the summer months, the extended daylight hours allow for construction work to commence earlier in the day and continue later into the evening. This will save your construction crew precious hours, which over the course of the build all add up! At Orange Homes, we pride ourselves on build timelines, and summer builds are certain to deliver.

planning your build in winter

Building in summer means planning in winter… and there are few things we love more than getting a dream home plan in the works for our clients.

At Orange Homes, we pride ourselves on offering home builds to suit ALL budgets.

We have homes that fall within the KiwiSaver First Home Grant, homes that fall into the dream-home category, and options galore in-between. You can customise and add to all our plans, which of course comes with additional costs.

Many of our clients find it can be easier to stick to budgeting and financial planning in winter, where there is less temptation to go out and spend. You also will find you are a lot more considerate of heating and insulation choices during the winter than you might be when the weather is warm. These are important choices to make for your build.

During the winter season, when many contractors experience a slowdown in their projects, they are more readily available for consultations during the planning process. This availability presents a significant advantage, particularly for first-time builders seeking professional advice. At Orange Homes, our dedicated team will expertly guide you through the entire process and connect you with our extensive network of contractors, who are known for providing exceptional advice. Together, we aim to create Christchurch’s most premium new build homes. So, as the winter offers a perfect opportunity to take stock, envision the possibilities of what your life could look like by the time summer arrives!

As a bonus, we have observed that red tape is often cleared more efficiently during the winter months. The cooler season typically sees a decrease in activity for building departments and permit offices, which means that titles, approvals, and consents can be processed and approved much faster compared to the busy summer period. It’s a win-win situation for our clients, as they can experience a smoother and more expedited process for their construction projects.

landscaping can be completed before the end of summer

Unfortunately, a lot of landscaping must be put on pause over winter. However, if your build contract is signed off in winter for a summer build, there are very rarely reasons to delay landscaping in summer once construction is complete. If you’re considering a new build in the future, winter is really a fantastic time to start the planning phase of your next home.

Just another bonus to consider when you are going to get your Orange Homes project underway. Our team can answer build timeline questions, and any other queries you might have about the building process. Feel free to contact us today or come and visit one of our showhomes in Lincoln. We cannot wait to get your dream home underway… and maybe even signed off this winter!


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