We are continuing to follow Ginny’s journey as she builds her first home, with Orange Homes. We are taking you through the cold hard costs, considerations and process leading to your first night in your brand new home. First-time builder-come-Orange Homes Sales Consultant, Ginny, is laying it all bare, documenting her personal building journey.

Blog #4: A roof over my head.. can I move in yet?

Since the foundations went down it’s certainly felt like it’s all go! Once I saw the framing and trusses go up it started to feel real, and I could see the spaces I’d be living in. Things are moving along quickly, and before I knew it the roof was done as well!

I’ve loved being able to visit the site, chat with our builders and be able to wander round the house and start visualising how I would live in my new home. Picturing furniture placement is important to think about at this stage, as well as light fittings, plug locations, etc. Soon I’ll be having my electrical walk-through with our electrician and Project Manager which I’m looking forward to 😊

We are almost as excited as Ginny to see her completed new home, we reckon she’ll be moved in, in no time!

I can't believe I have a roof! Its all gone up so quickly