Want to add some ‘wow-factor’ to your new build while needing to stick within the constraints of your budget? We have put together our top 10 suggestions on how you can add a little hi-spec into your new home.

Height and space are great ways to add some wow factor to your home.

1. Raised Ceilings are a great way to create a spacious look and feel in your home. Instead of taking your stud height from 2.4 to 2.7, you may consider increasing your door height from the standard 2m to 2.2m. This simple trick creates the illusion of height without the expense.

2. You may also consider raising your drapes all the way to the ceiling which will add to the illusion of height.

3. A bulkhead is a great way to add some extra finesse to your living area or master bedroom.

4. Scissor trusses are another captivating feature that provides height and character in your home. This is also more cost-effective than a raked or cathedral ceiling which requires engineering.

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5. It’s worth investing in a nice kitchen tap. With the bench being at eye height, a stylish tap catches the eye. The same applies to the countertop, you may consider investing in engineered stone benchtops. You can see and feel the difference in quality and can be assured that your kitchen will look pristine for years to come.

6. A smaller floor plan leaves more room for your budget to be invested in higher-spec items like the kitchen, tiled showers, bi-fold doors, bold entry doors & designer finishes.

7. Reconsider rooms you don’t need. Instead of trying to jam-pack everything into one plan, resulting in smaller rooms. You could reconsider the 4th bedroom or 2nd lounge and reallocate that space throughout your home. Making rooms bigger adds opulence.

8. To set your home apart from your neighbours and increase street appeal you could adjust the roof pitch from 25 to 30 degrees.

9. You may also consider upgrading your standard grey mortar to white/cream. This is a low-cost upgrade that makes your home stand out from the exterior.

10. Decorate with style! Add an interesting wallpaper or tile. Talk to our friends at McKenzie and Willis for decorative tips and tricks.

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we have put together our top 10 tips to achieve boujee on a budget.