So, what are linear meters? What are square meters? What’s the difference? And why does it matter?

Well, linear meters are used to measure length, we would measure the perimeter of your home. Square meters is how we measure the floor area inside your home.

In the case of building your home, not all meters are created equal.

To illustrate just how different they can be, imagine you have a home which is exactly 25m², and measures 5m x 5m – a perfect square. The perimeter of that home would measure 20m. 20 lineal meters. That’s 20m of windows, insulation, cladding, gutters etc.

Compare this with a home that is also 25m² but measures 1m x 25m, it would look like the below:

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Although the square meters are the same, the second design would have 52 lineal meters! That’s 52m of cladding, windows, insulation etc.

It’s easy to see how designs that have a higher number of lineal meters are more expensive to build than ones that don’t.

When considering your build and your budget, the less money you spend on lineal meters the more we have for other things you might like – raised ceilings, tiled bathrooms, ducted heat pumps etc.

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Lineal Meters and Square Meters? What’s the difference? & why are not all meters created equal?