We’ve been following Ginny’s home construction journey as she builds her first home with Orange Homes. We have taken you through the cold hard costs of a house build, and all the considerations and process leading to your first night in your brand new home. First-time builder-come-Orange Homes Sales Consultant, Ginny, has laid it all bare, documenting her personal building journey and now, she’s In! Congrats Ginny!

Blog Post #5 – I’ve moved in! I cannot believe I’m finally here – the initial months whizzed by, and then it felt like the world slowed down the closer I got to my handover date. I cannot express how amazing it feels to be able to move into my very first home. This entire journey has been amazing, and I’ve loved watching my home come to life. Now being able to live in it and enjoy the space feels incredible, and I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Looking ahead I’m excited to call Lincoln my home and wander around the surrounding reserves, as well as being able to invite family and friends around and for dinner and summer BBQs – bring on the good weather I say! 😊

As a thank you for sticking with me, and supporting my journey, I’ve answered some FAQs to helpfully help you on your home building journeys. I’m always here to chat if you want to know more:

What are your 3 favourite features of the house?

    • The boxed ceiling in the living room
    • The double gable out the front of the house
    • The entire kitchen including the stone bench top – dreamy and SO worth the investment!

Which room changed the most since the beginning of the planning process?

The two front rooms originally had windows that went down to the floor. After some consideration I decided they would really limit privacy. Plus it saved money by halving the window size.

What value did Orange Homes add to your home build process?

Orange Homes had already designed the plan for the site and they really did create a fantastic, bespoke plan that maximised every aspect of the section and provided a great living space. I also appreciated the colour consultation I had with Paula from Mackenzie & Willis. She easily understood my taste and vision and I don’t believe I could have chosen the right colours without her help.

Where was the biggest cost saving?

One of the best things I did was listen to my colleagues and not go completely overboard on details for my first home. Having sound advice from the sales team and project managers really helped me understand where to splurge a bit and where I could pull back to save costs. I feel that I saved money in multiple areas from listening to those who live and breath the industry. And now I can happily pass my lessons onto others who want to build.

How big is the house?

The house is 177m2 in total

What is the house’s position and how did that impact the build?

My house has a South facing entry which means that I am lucky enough to have a North facing backyard. Since my section is reasonably square, Orange Homes designed a plan that provided minimal hallways and maximised sunlight. The spare bedroom, bathroom and ensuite receive morning sun, while the master and main living areas gain all day sunlight. How lucky am I?

What was the top tip you learnt through working with Orange Homes?

Listen to the experts! Our salespeople and project managers have worked in this industry for a long time and they will always help guide you with their advice. Also don’t overthink it if it is your first home – keep it nice, simple, and functional. There will almost always be something you would change and do differently, but it’s your first home. What I think works for me may not work or seem important to someone else. But we learn these things as we build and live in the home – so try not to stress or overthink it. Contact us if you’d like to chat through.

What are 3 things you’d want someone starting their home build journey to know?

      • Talk to a mortgage broker before you begin. Mortgage brokers are worth their weight in gold and I wouldn’t be my home today if I’d only gone straight to the bank. If you don’t know of a good broker then ask us at Orange Homes and we can easily provide some recommendations.
      • If you can, spend the extra money in these key areas:
        1. Kitchen – Invest well in your kitchen as it is the heart of the home — oh, and 100% go for the stone bench top
        2. Ensuite – I appreciate that tiled showers are expensive, but they are also stunning and turn the Master into a haven
        3. Upgrade at least one element on your exterior – For me this was the cream mortar and I absolutely love it!
      • Enjoy the process!

I thought you’d quite like a sneaky look inside…

A new home, I can finally call my own!